FishBowl Worldwide Media is currently seeking potential cast members for the following shows.

Contact us today for more information.

A major cable network TV project seeking to profile loving couples who have a non-traditional marriage or live in a truly unique situation. If you and your spouse are considered an odd couple, if your marriage has ever been called “bizarre,” if you and your partner met under strange conditions, or if your union has out-of-the-ordinary qualities… let us tell your story to a national audience. Email us! Subject Line – Casting: Happily Married Couple

We need your music-based videos! Do you have hilarious footage capturing you in a music-centric experience? Think dancing, falling while dancing, a marching band gone wrong, fun with musical instruments, band practice, you name it! We’re compiling great musical and dance moments for an upcoming clip show with a major cable network. Email us – become famous! Subject Line – Offbeat Videos.

We’ve all been there: that tweet, text or Facebook post that has gone horrible awry. Did you accidently post a private message to your Facebook page? Were you fired from work for a tweet that revealed you played hooky? Were you caught cheating with a lover through IM? Submit your anonymous stories to us! We are currently compiling information for a show capturing the trials and tribulations of the digital age for a major cable network. Email us! Subject Line – Caught Online.

Are you a member of a fun-loving family operating a multi-generational, family-run business? Please email us a description of your family, the business and yourself. Describe the ups and downs of working as a family. What are your future goals for your business? Please also include 1-2 pictures of your family. Email us! Subject Line – Casting: Family Run Business.

We’re all guilty of it. Utterly losing control upon seeing any animal-related clip. You know the kind: dogs humping stuffed animals, monkeys acting freakishly like humans, angry cats, and any baby animal. If you’ve got footage of your pet in one of these categories, then we need your videos! Submit your amazing pet moments ranging from cute to crazy – we love them all! We’re currently compiling footage for an animal-based clip show for a major cable network. Email us! Subject Line – Animal Clip Show.

We are always looking to build shows and formats around people with larger-than-life personalities and out-of-the-box lives. If everyone keeps telling you, “You need your own show!” – contact us today! Please email us a picture, bio and information on why you’re great. Email us! Subject Line – Casting: Personalities.

Do you have a unique family dynamic? Is there a gay couple in the family? Dad who’s married to a younger wife? Step-kids just coming into the mix? Are you all big characters who embrace each other’s differences? Then, we want you! Send us a brief description of your family’s dynamic and story. Include 1-2 pictures of your modern family and a description of why you think your family has potential TV magic. Email us! Subject Line – Casting: My Modern Family.