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There are custom pools and gardens – and then there are Lucas Lagoons. Animal Planet’s new series, INSANE POOLS: OFF THE DEEP END, follows award-winning pool designer Lucas Congdon as he turns high and dry homes into exotic waterfront properties through grand, nature-inspired designs to encourage his clients to rediscover their love of the outdoors. The six-episode series, INSANE POOLS: OFF THE DEEP END, premieres on Friday, February 20 at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Animal Planet.

From a long generation of landscapers, Congdon was inspired to revolutionize an industry that was stuck in the habit of making square, boring pools. He quickly proved that his work wouldn’t fit into any box. From concept to creation, his Florida-based company, Lucas Lagoons, creates one-of-a-kind backyard oases across the country. From majestic waterfalls to natural saltwater grottos on remote islands, Lucas and his crazy team of artisans, including his mother who everyone calls “woman,” have been building timeless creations that reinvent outdoor living for over 20 years.

Congdon’s passion for these aquatic paradises is contagious, and he often finds himself convincing clients to go bigger or go home, including a couple whose original plan for a $25,000 koi pond turns into a $165,000 pool remodel. These upgrades can cause serious tension amongst the design and construction teams who are striving to execute intricate builds meet and still meet client deadlines.

INSANE POOLS: OFF THE DEEP END is produced by Fishbowl Worldwide Media in association with CryBaby Media for Animal Planet. Vin DiBona, Beth Greenwald and Juliana Kim are the Executive Producers for Fishbowl and Danny Passman is the Executive Producer for Crybaby Media.  Dawn Sinsel is the Executive Producer for Animal Planet.

Fullscreen To Build Fishbowl’s ‘America’s Funniest Videos’ On YouTube

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FishBowl Worldwide Media has built a network of YouTube channels from the UGC content in its ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ library. For the official ‘AFV’ YouTube channel, however, Fishbowl is enlisting some help. The production company has reached a multi-year agreement FullScreen. Thanks to the partnership, Fullscreen will head the development of AFV‘s YouTube presence while also supporting the channel with its own creators.

AFV’s YouTube channel launched about a year ago, but it hasn’t made as much of an impact as some of Fishbowl’s other channels; while CuteWinFail and Petsami have both racked up more than 50 million views, AFV has scored just a tick more than five million. Fullscreen, though optimization and copyright protection (there are many fan-run AFV channels that could be brought under the official hub’s umbrella), hope to greatly increase that number.

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FishBowl in production of Season 2 of TruTV’s ‘Upload with Shaq’

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TruTV has greenlight a second season of ‘Upload with Shaquille O’Neal,” a series centered on the former basketball star scouring the Internet in search of the funniest online videos to comment on as well as creating his own viral videos and parodies. Mike Gibbons and Shaq Entertainment’s Perry Rogers, Colin Smeeton and Mike Parris serve as executive producers.

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‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ clips reaching new audiences

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“America’s Funniest Home Videos” drew nearly 33 million viewers when it debuted in 1989.

Its amateur footage of adults, children and pets captured in pratfalls made the show ABC’s longest-running prime-time entertainment program, and created the concept of “user-generated videos” long before the advent of YouTube.

Executive Producer Vin Di Bona and former ABC executive Bruce Gersh have created an independent production company, FishBowl WorldWide Media, to look for new ways to mine “AFV’s” massive video library. FishBowl has digitized the 1 million home videos submitted to “AFV” over the last quarter-century, categorized them and deposited them into a digital media warehouse so the clips can be recycled and reused online, and in other ways.

Some of the “Funniest” staples — those adorable pet and baby videos, and the spectacular trips, falls and collisions that Internet denizens now describe as “fail” videos — are reaching new screens and audiences.

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Vin Di Bona’s FishBowl Launches Petsami YouTube Channel

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by on January 23rd, 2012

And it’s about time that somebody formally recognized the brilliant combination of pets and the internet. Who better than America’s Funniest Home Videos creator Vin Di Bona, who with partner Bruce Gersh at FishBowl Worldwide Media launched the Petsami channel on YouTube today?

Petsami is a natural evolution out of CuteWinFail, a clip-driven program which often featured animals among its top vids. ”Petsami allows us to leverage our incredible library of curated user generated content to bring a new, fun and comic twist to current animal programming,” said Gersh, President and CEO of FishBowl. “The YouTube channel expands beyond a viewing channel to a specific destination that entertains, engages and encourages conversations with YouTube audiences and beyond.”

“The expansion of YouTube and Google’s social platforms allows users both video and social experience around content, making it the perfect home for Petsami,“ David Beebe, Vice President and General Manager of FishBowl’s Digital Studio, said.

The channel boasts shows featuring Dancing with the Stars‘ Carrie Ann Inaba, and YouTube phenomenon Clark G, the talking dog that garnered nearly 90 million views for the Ultimate Dog Tease video on YouTube.

Petsami launches today with six shows, including:

CuteWinTail – Similar to the format of FishBowl’s incredibly successful CuteWInFail, each episode of CuteWinTail presents three clips and lets audiences decide which is the “most epic” as it applies to the world of pet and animals. Each week, an episode ends with “Pet of the Week

Leash Line – Leash Line is a weekly news magazine show, profiling true stories of amazing animals from around the world. It’s host, Monkey, is the proud pet of Emmy Award Winning Reporter Lu Parker, who also serves as executive producer.

One Minute Meerkat – This weekly show examines what Meerkats are really saying, translating their thoughts through extremely complex technology. It turns out Meerkats are very similar to humans and each week is just as relatable as the next

Ask a Tiger – A weekly support show hosted by Sabin the Nepalese tiger, who offers domestic pets advice based on his expertise from the wild. Sabin also provides comedic user-generated clips to serve as examples of animal-human interaction

KlipKat – From her Venice apartment, internet junkie KlipKat shares her take on favorite cat clips and invites users to submit LOL speak captions for them. The highest rated user captions are featured in the next episode.

How2BCute – Hoshi the Hamster, Ivanna Iguana and Gus the Guppy are the G.H.I. (think Statler and Waldorf). They are too cool for school and spend their time each day, interacting with users and influencers with snarky, yet entertaining comments.

In October FishBowl launched Ultimate Proposal on Yahoo!, which started off with a bang at 1.75MM views in the first week.


CAA Signs FishBowl

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Vin Di Bona and Bruce Gersh’s FishBowl Worldwide Media has signed with CAA.

The  production shingle, launched in January 2010, produces the Discovery  Channel series “Treasure Chase,” and is at work on several pilots and  presentations, including unscripted projects for TruTV, HGTV and MTV.  Company is also working on several digital entertainment projects.

FishBowl had previously been repped by WME.


FishBowl Licenses Vin Di Bona Productions Clip Archive

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FishBowl Licensing, a division of FishBowl Worldwide Media, today announced that
it is the sole representative of the substantial clip library of Vin Di Bona
Productions (VDBP). This library was previously handled by Hollywood Licensing,
LLC. FishBowl Worldwide Media was launched earlier this year by Vin Di Bona, who
serves as Chairman, with Bruce Gersh as President and CEO.

FishBowl makes available to the advertising and marketing community one of the
largest collections of user-generated content in existence. Culled from nearly a
million home video clips, the library offers footage for use across multiple
platforms, including traditional applications as well as emerging new media.

Di Bona, creator and executive producer of America`s Funniest Home Videos, the
longest-running primetime entertainment show on the ABC network says “It`s
always fun for me to see another take from other creative people on how to use
our videos to promote their products. And now they are being used in ways I
never dreamed possible when we started the archive. The options available in
licensing today are truly amazing.”

Gersh notes, “Vin saw value in user-generated content and recognized the
importance of owning his own content long before it became a buzzword.”

Clips from the VDBP archive have been licensed for use by a variety of products
and services including Purina, Activision, Blue Cross, SuddenLink
Communications, Nationwide Insurance, Ubisoft Entertainment, Unilever and
Proctor & Gamble.

With its family-friendly themes and visual comedy, the universal appeal of the
VDBP footage has no language barrier and has been used in marketing campaigns
across the globe including France, Norway, Taiwan, and Korea. Additionally,
material from the library has been seen in many feature films, such as Baby Mama
and Austin Powers.

For more information about licensing from the VDBP archive, contact Yolanda
Seabourne, FishBowl`s Director of Licensing and New Media at 310-442-5685 or

About FishBowl Worldwide Media

FishBowl Worldwide Media was established by Chairman Vin Di Bona and President
and CEO Bruce Gersh in January 2010. FishBowl develops properties for film,
television, enterprises and digital properties, partnering with marketers,
digital companies, ad agencies and the traditional Hollywood creative community.
FishBowl focuses on projects with an emphasis on innovation and building brand
value. FBWM is headquartered in Los Angeles and can be found online at