We believe in building quality television brands on a variety of platforms that engage, inspire and enable real emotional connections. From edgy to mainstream, we’re fluent in different pop-culture languages and distribution outlets – whether it is on primetime, cable or syndication.

It is our business. And we love being part of it.

The economics of scripted TV are changing in a way never seen before. Financing projects can be more difficult than ever. We’ve been aggressively modeling alternative financing strategies to execute writers’ visions – no matter the price point.

Bright ideas are the lifeblood of our business and we’re developing in all genres: drama, comedy and animation. We look at a script as a transmedia event that can be premiered across platforms and territories. But we never forget that creative excellence is the beginning, middle and end of all great series.

We’ve sold scripted projects to Fox, CW, ABC Family, and are currently packaging projects for the 2011-’12 television season.

Our work is all around us. We document the personalities and create the formats that inspire and surprise.

Whether it’s a big broadcast TV show with a million-dollar prize, or a docu-series that delves into the deep corners of our culture, we’re becoming the go-to production company for unscripted content. Our finger is on the vital conversations of our time.